The mission of IAEA is to help advance, through professional interchange, the science and practice of educational assessment by organizations around the world. Our hosts, the State Examination Center (SEC) of Azerbaijan, has worked diligently to help IAEA again offer a conference with a diversity like no other in educational assessment. SEC has put together an exciting and informative scholarly program, as well as a set of social activities here in the beautiful city of Baku on the Caspian Sea. This year’s conference promises to be a very special one, full of stimulating interchange around how we might improve educational assessment.

The theme, “Assessment and Decision Making: Individual and Institutional Solutions,” puts the purposes and uses of assessment at the center of the research we do and the practice in which we engage.

May this conference be one that is remembered for its rich ideas and discussion, and for the interactions it encouraged. May it help us work together in the spirit of making education more effective and the world a better place.

My best wishes to each of you for a productive, exciting, and enjoyable week.

Thank you!

Dr. Randy Bennett
IAEA President