The State Examination Center (SEC) – an active member of the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA) since 1999 and organized (as former State Student Admission Commission) its 33rdAnnual Conference in 2007 and plans to take a lead in the organization of the 45thIAEA Annual Conference in Baku for September 2019.

The Head of SEC’s Strategic Development and Project Management Unit, Mr. Vali Huseyn delivered a presentation on the state of arrangements in Azerbaijan for the proposed IAEA’s Conference on the theme of “Assessment and Decision-Making: Individual and Institutional Solutions” and discussed the issues raised by the Board members. The main areas of the reporting were the theme of the conference, sub-themes, guest lecturers, location of the event, country presentation, visa procedures, and overall conference logistics.

The next stage of the preparatory work is the presentation at the IAEA conference in September 09-14, 2018 in Oxford, England.

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