The theme of the conference “Assessment and Decision Making: Individual and Institutional Solutions”. It strongly resonates with the mission of the State Examination Center of Azerbaijan which is to promote among the policy-makers the educational assessment data as a source for informed decisions. And it also emphasizes the social responsibility we carry as facilitators of educational improvement.

With this conference, we intend to give an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share their understandings of current processes and findings, as well as to look at possibilities for setting-up new trends in assessment and decision-making.

Our partnership with the International Association for Educational Assessment has a long history since the last century – it started in 1999! We also value our partnership with IAEA Conference sponsors and look forward to expanding such ties with other members of IAEA’s family. This is our second international conference within the IAEA and our priority is to further develop the international collaboration expanding this year’s event into a range of joint research initiatives and projects.

I hope that this conference will help all delegates to learn from each other to the benefit of their nations and education at large. We have developed an engaging agenda and cultural programs which I am sure will leave very warm memories of Azerbaijan.

Enjoy the conference time and your stay in our beautiful country!

Thank you for your participation!

Maleyka Abbaszade
Chairperson of the Board of Directors, SEC